A Therefore of True and False

It’s true that…

It’s too far.
It has to be stopped.
It won’t go anywhere if there’s no one of us budge.
I always miss you all the time.
I just wanna make you happy and in the mean time I’m happy as well.
This feeling is just a chemistry, after all.

It’s false that…

I don’t need you.
I can live without you in current period.
I wanna lose you.
We’ve found out the things that can switch the chemistry when it’s drying up.


I agree.
We need to step back a couple feet.
Redefining what we are seeking and who we are right now…
…to recognize each others.
…to accept our differences.

For other things, I want to erase them from my own memory.
However for this thing, I want to make it remain in it so that I can remember in my whole life…
…to give a prove to the world, that having a relationship isn’t painful, it is beautiful no matter how will it end.

I simply hope, I won’t read this post in the past tense form.
I hope, we will be as one, forever. Just two of us: me, you and the unity of us.


3 thoughts on “A Therefore of True and False

  1. OOT
    Akhirnya saya nemu My Ipey lagiiiihhh …
    sorry Mang … saya lama nggak menyapa …

    link saya masih yang lama soale …

    salam saya

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