Sail Away Karimunjawa (1)

This was a trip planned by a colleague of mine, Alex. I just agreed the plans he made. It was such a dangerous getaway, in my opinion. I have to take a domestic flight from Jakarta to Semarang, then take a bus or shuttle service to Jepara. The most dangerous mode is taking a two-hour trip by a boat from Jepara to Karimunjawa’s port. In Karimunjawa, I should sail away the ocean to do a trip boat visiting islands in Karimunjawa circumstances. I have to reverse these trips to get back home. It is danger, yes or no? As such, I posted an apologize status in a social media, just in case.

We took the first flight of Lion Air’s Jakarta to Semarang aircraft. It scheduled to take off at 5.40 a.m. So I woke up at 3 a.m. The aircraft has already in the runway track to take off. The machine’s sound decibel increased significantly and the aircraft accelerated. At full throttle, a pilot cancelled the take off and took the plane to taxi track. The pilot announced that he saw an alarm signal in the cockpit. He wanted to make sure whether it was a technical fault signal or it was only a false signal. The aircraft went back to boarding area to be checked by technicians. A flight attendant announced passengers to wait circa 15 minutes while the technicians did their jobs. I bet the signal is true, something broken in the aircraft but both pilot and flight attendant did not let us know what it was.

Some passangers asked the flight attendant to change the flight to the next schedule. There was a flight at 8.00 a.m. A passanger opted to get off the plane as he said “daripada sport jantung”. This was the first time I experienced this s*. The bright side was that the signals did work on this aircraft and the pilot did a very good job to cancel the take off. I thank God. We could not delay the flight by taking the next schedule because we have to sync with boat schedule i.e. at 14.00. As expected, the plane took off circa 15 minutes after reparation.

We landed safely at 8 in Ahmad Yani airport. We ordered an airport taxi to the downtown (Jawa Tengah’s Tourist Information Center) to take a shuttle service to Jepara. The tariff was Rp30,000. Unfortunately, the first schedule was at 7 and the next was at 10. It was unlikely for us to take it. We decided to go to Purboyo bus terminal by taxi. The fare was Rp30,000.

There are no aircon buses to Jepara. We took a metromini-like bus with full dangdut music. While driving, the driver did send text and consistently checked his cellphone and sometimes made a call. Likewise Kopaja, he drove like crazy. The fare was Rp15,000. This trip was expected to consume a two-hours time. On the way from Kudus to Jepara, the traffic was heavy in some areas as some parts of the road was under reparation. The local Govt opted to construct the road by concrete instead of asphalt.

The bus was in complete standstill in the traffic. A friend of mine got off the bus to take a piss. In no time, the bus took over other stand still vehicles in full speed. The bus then took a right turn and maintained the high speed. I panicked how to stop the bus. I yelled “Stop pak ada yang ketinggalan!!” The bus then stopped and a friend of mine showed up after sprinted several meters. Hahaha…

It was about 15 minutes to Jepara. There were vacant seats in the rear side. A local girl asked a friend of mine to sit there. He took his bags and sat there. While doing conversation, the girl touched his legs and pinched his cheek. Hahaha… I bet she is a hooker. He was saved by the bell. We arived at our destination, at last.

We ordered becaks to go to Kartini port. Apparently, we have to take tickets, which we had ordered them online, from Express Bahari office before the port. Arrived at 11.00, we took a brunch at local food stall there. After did a Jum’at prayer, we headed to boarding room and met a family which sat next to us on the aircraft. We boarded at 13.00 and the boat started to sail at 14.00, with accordance to schedule.

Our boat experienced a headwind form the East as the East wind season took its turn in the area. The right side of the boat windows demonstrated dramatic waves as an impact of the East wind. Passangers screamed like they were in amusement park. In the half end trip, the waves became calmer. Alhamdulillaah we arrived safely in Karimunjawa.


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