Sail Away Karimunjawa (2)

Right after the boat arrived, we asked a local the location of Karimunjawa Inn. It’s just a walk of about 300 meters, he said. In our mindset, locals often discount the distance. They say the distance is only 100 meters when in fact it is 300 meters. Hence, we reserved energy by more than twofold to walk while bringing heavy bags to the Inn. Apparently, it was indeed 300 meters, he was true, hahaha…

Seeing us showed up, with no doubt, Pak Abdul, the guy who was responsible for the Inn, welcomed us by asking “Pak Alex ya?” I have no idea how Pak Abdul could recognize Alex from his appearance. Previously, Pak Abdul and Alex had several conversations via telephone. Yes, Alex’s voice is easy to detect. Nevertheless, Pak Abdul’s ability to project the voice into appearance is rare. Hahaha…

Pak Abdul led us to our room. It was located on the hill so we could see the view of west side ocean. The perfect view along with fresh air and low sound decibel made our vacation perfecto!

Before Sunset, we rented a motorcycle and went to the most beautiful beach in the island, according to Pak Abdul. It is Tanjung Gelam beach, pretty far from the Inn. We then did the first swim there while Mr Sun was drowning. We ate young coconut before went back. On our way back, accidentally, we found the town center (alun-alun) as I asked a guy in a military office the location of BRI’s ATM. There were seafood, young coconut and souvenir stalls.

We did our first dinner there. Alex brought secret recipes from Jakarta for grilled seafood. It was dominated by olive oil, lemon and greek salad with olives. Ask Alex for details, ya! In the most east seafood stall, Alex demonstrated his ability in making seafood recipes. I just watched him. All I know is eating, not cooking. Haha… I was waiting Alex on the table on field. We ate calamri, ikan janggut and red snapper.

After our stomaches were full, we got back to the Inn and I took a tight sleep like a dead fish. However, Alex could not sleep well due to the itchy linen.


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