Install Windows 10 on MacBook White Mid 2010

MacBook White mid 2010 supports only up to Windows 7 version, according to Apple. That said, you are still able to install Windows 10 on it. Forget all suggestions in the internet, just read this… 🙂 It does work!

I bought Windows 8.1 and planned to upgrade it to Windows 10 on my MacBook. In fact, the Boot Camp supports Windows of up to 7 version only. Better, you buy Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.1, to be upgraded to Windows 10. Well, since I couldn’t install through Boot Camp, I installed Windows 8.1 via EFI boot. After successfully installed, Windows 8.1 kept rebooting, declined to load to the login screen. I tried reinstalling the OS several times, to apply suggestions from the internet, but faced the same result all over again, not to mention that I found difficulties to set the hard disk volume on which the Windows 8.1 system would be installed.

There was only one option left: install Windows 7 through Boot Camp then upgrade it to Windows 8.1 then upgrade it to Windows 10. You can also install Windows 7 SP1 and upgrade it to Windows 10 directly. Surprisingly, it did work.

If you find problem in installing Bootcamp hardware drivers in installed Windows 10, remove all driver folders (such as Realtek, Nvidia, ATI) except Apple folder. It will install Bootcamp control panel that can be accessed from icontray to set keyboard, trackpad, et cetera. If your hardware needs a driver, from let say Nvidia, you can install it manually.

Now, I have a smooth Windows 10 on my MacBook White mid 2010 notwithstanding it is not supported by Apple 😁