Microsoft Office 365 Offline Installer

Many people, perhaps you, including me, are desperate in finding could Microsoft Office 365 be installed offline. I tried many suggestions from the internet, and again it did not lead me into the smooth solution. Now, I got the answer, yes you can install Office 356 offline. In fact, the steps are very easy since Microsoft itself gives the offline link.

In this case, I subscribe Office 365 Home. Microsoft gives us a very good deal through the Office 365 Home that eligible for five different users. Every user could install Office in four (or perhaps three) different devices be it PC, Mac, Tablet and Phone. The apps could run in five different platforms namely Windows, OSX, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Besides, every user will have 1,000 GB space in OneDrive and 60 minutes calls via Skype. It only costs circa IDR999 thousand or USD99 for 365 days subscription period. Lucky me, I did not know how but I got only IDR 729 thousand for the apps.

To download the Office 365 Home offline installer, follow these four easy steps:

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That’s it! Hope this helps you guys.



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