Windows 10 (Again) on New MacBook

Well, Installing Windows 10 on New MacBook through Boot Camp that have another partition formatting in exFAT faced a dead end. ExFAT is the only format that could be accessed, read and write, by both OSX and Windows. So the partition with exFAT format is perfect to store data. Notwithstanding, Apple doesn’t permit this kind of hard disk setup. The Boot Camp only allows me to create two partitions i.e. for OSX and Windows. If I created another partition, the Windows would be broken and could not boot to the system. I got no knowledge regarding the booting, MBR and you name it. So I tried many solutions offered by internet but it did not work. As such, I ended up with this setting….

Makemashita, I surrender… I set the hard disk with two partitions: HFS+ for OSX and NTFS for Windows 10. I got 1TB OneDrive as a cloud storage thanks to Office 365 subscription. It would waste my hard disk if I sync OneDrive both in OSX and Windows partitions, an unnecessary redundancy. Accordingly, I checked if Paragon has app for Windows to access (read and write) an HFS+ format. Voila, the app is free. Luckily the OneDrive folder could be placed in another drive. I place the OneDrive folder in the same location for both Windows and OSX. As such, my concerns of wasting hard disk space has been tackled. I am very happy!

I still got the problem, is that the OneDrive app on Windows is error all the time. I read the solutions from Microsoft, one of which is to update Windows. Here I am now, updating Windows 10 with Anniversary Update. I hope it would work. I will give update on this.

See you around, lads!


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